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walking peacefully on earth is a miracle 

"People say walking on water is a miracle, but to me walking peacefully on earth is a miracle" ~Thich Nhat Hanh 

Wow, does this resonate today.  I am on day 17 of my 40 day sadhana of 2.5 hours of Long Ek Ong Kars. Nothing like sitting with myself and chanting for long periods to witness and reflect on my actions and the actions of others. 

I have been reflecting on selfishness...particularly strong this morning. I witnessed the many layers of complexity to this subject matter and how selfishness causes so much pain. From the most subtle to the most blatant of acts, it is a profound process to explore this aspect of humanness. This process of going to the root of selfishness is so deep because it goes to the core of our wounding around love and being loved. 

At a very young age we started to learn how to get what we wanted. How to get attention and what we thought was love from our parents, our siblings, later on our friends, peers, co-workers, community members and our intimate partners. 

The more I explore and learn about selfishness, the more I realize it is a defense mechanism. A way to not reveal places deep within us that are hurt. Places that need healing, forgiveness and love. I truly believe that none of us want to be selfish. We want the best for each other, to love, give freely, help each other, and to experience the divine in each other. 

But selfishness is powerful! Our unconscious will to protect ourselves and keep others from seeing our vulnerability is often much more empowered then we would give it credit. On this path of awakening from selfishness, there is a great process of awareness - self reflection - to learn from the moments where you or others have been hurt by your actions. How selfishness is bringing hurt to oneself. The subtleties of this are remarkable. It is at the root of perhaps all karma. 

This is why the masters have guided us towards selfless service, to dharma, to the path of Spirit. But what I am grasping, thanks to my beloved teacher Prem Baba and many others who have been guiding me on my path, is that without the healing work on the core wounds within us, the places that sabotage our happiness and the happiness of others, we will not be able to truly serve selflessly. 

We may even be on our path of dharma, but we will sabotage ourselves again and again until we are willing to look at, heal, forgive, and accept everything that has happened to us. We must get to the point to truly trust in life/God, and that EVERYTHING that has happened to us and EVERYTHING that is happening to us, happens for a reason, and that we can be grateful for it. That we can learn from it. That we can grow from it. That we can enhance our compassion for ourselves and others. 

Until selfishness has no place within us because we understand why we are all playing out our dramas. That we achieve our buddha/christ nature and can just love and have compassion for ourselves and others in all situations. No small task...obviously. According to the vedas, this can take thousands if not millions of lifetimes. All that much more reason to have compassion. Apparently we are slow learners!! 

May we all achieve this state of consciousness, now and forever. May we help each other in this incredibly beautiful journey of awakening and healing. May we have patience and compassion for all beings, especially ourselves, as we go through this process. May we achieve the miracle of walking this earth peacefully. Om shanti shanti shanti.